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Sensory experiences in nature
Team building - Wellness - Forest bathing

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Sense in Nature
Your guide for living development
Träffa guiden

Meet the guide

"The forest is the therapist. The guide opens the door"

My name is Laurence Nachin. I am a doctor in microbiology and have worked many years as a research scientist in the public and private sector. To spend time in nature has always been an important part of my life and I love to walk or run in the forest. It is there that I recover and find strength and balance in life. In a world where we stay inside many  hours each day and where digitization takes more and more place in our life, we need more than ever to keep and reenforce our relation with nature.

With Shinrin yoku and Nature & Forest therapy I have found a method that links scientific facts with a sensitive connection to nature. It was obvious that I should educate myself to become a certified guide through ANFT (Association for Nature and Forest therapy) in order to have the means to mediate to others the positive effect of spending time in nature.

My role as a Nature & Forest therapy guide is to open a door and invite people to come in. Nature and the forest do the rest in a fantastic and surprising way.

  • Certified Nature & Forest therapy guide

  • PhD in microbiology & cellular biology

  • Certified for First aid in wilderness

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Nature & Forest Therapy

"Wellbeing through nature connection"

Nature and Forest therapy is based on Shinrin Yoku, a Japanese practice that literally translates as "Forest Bathing", to bath in the forest. Shinrin Yoku was developed in the 80s as the result of an increase of health problems linked to stress led by intense work  and urban life. People were more and more disconnected from nature.

Results from scientific research show that to spend time in forest and nature has many positive effects on human health: decrease of stress, better immune defense and cardiovascular system, etc. A part of these effects seem linked to molecules produced by trees: the phytoncides. These molecules protect trees against bacterial and fungal infections but they also have positive effects on humans. When we are in the forest, we are bathing in phytoncides and their effects. 

Nature and forest therapy has been developed from Shinrin Yoku by an american organization ANFT "Association of Nature and Forest Therapy". This method helps us actively to open our senses and to easily reconnect with the surrounding nature. Nature and forest therapy gives the possibility to deep relaxation, wellbeing as well as an increased feeling of affinity and link with nature.

Photo: Jonas Ingman

Natur & skogsterapi

Sense in Nature

You can use this form to book an activity or get information. 

For booking please indicate :

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Eklanda hage 141 A, 431 49 Mölndal, Sweden

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