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Sense in Nature Ecosystem

Like the trees that interact and communicate with each other through their roots with the help of other organisms and build a network that empowers every one, Sense in Nature develops an ecosystem made of colleagues and organisations that contribute to every one's growth, well-being and harmony. 

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Helena Johard

Stockholm, Sweden

Biologist, researcher, & artist

Helena has often worked on our identity in relation to nature. Since she was little, she has been fascinated by what all life is and how to experience reality. Helena is also a certified nature & forest therapy guide. She feels that the best thing about forest bathing is when the forest modify the feeling of time and space, when we meet each other and nature in our own way.
Today she guides groups in nature where all life around us is an infinitely mysterious space to experience and where new stories are woven together.

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Pharmacist, entrepreneur, innovation specialist & facilitator

Successful entrepreneur in healthcare & healthcare innovation for more than 25 years, Emmett is a partner in the leading strategic consulting firm AEC Partners, where he leads the healthcare innovation practice.

Emmet is also a certified nature & forest therapy guide. He wants to offer business leaders nature programs that contribute to well-being and improve team performance. He is a co-founder of the Prescri-Nature program in Quebec.

Emmett drives Natural leadership

Emmett Phil Coriat

Montreal, Quebec

Raphaël Rozenberg

Brussels, Belgium

Coach & collective intelligence facilitator

Raphaël began his career at the age of 20. He wanted to be his own boss and started his own business at once. At the age of 30, he went back to school to become a HR coach. For the past two years after a Shinrin Yoku training, he has re-oriented his activity by working outdoors, especially in the forest.

He is convinced that the connection to nature multiplies the effects of a traditional individual or collective coaching.

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Serge Mang Joubert

Lyon, France

Coach & facilitator - collective & individual change

Serge describes himself as a bridge between territories, beings and humans, whether he works with forest bathing, collective intelligence or coaching. With an engineering background and a professional career as a consultant in geographic information systems, facilitator and nature & forest therapy guide, Serge has developed an activity where he combines different tools and is both rigorous and sensitive. Today, he offers deep experiences where the connection to the forest and nature promotes self-knowledge and constructive relationships with others, in private as well as in working life.


Serge runs Entre les arbres 


Specialist in work environment, educator & pilates instructor

With 20 years of experience in quality and work environment, Mikael prioritizes success over perfection.
He inspires development, motivates for changes and activates for results and improvement. He thinks that everyone has the ability to influence their surroundings and wants to use that ability in a positive way.
Mikael is a certified Pilates instructor and co-guides the Skogsbad & Pilates experiences.

Mikael Frejdeman

Mölndal, Sweden

Mikael drives Sinne Hälsoutveckling


Project leader, dietician

Linda has worked with health from different perspectives, from running companies in the diet & nutrition sector to working as an activity leader for the health promotion of groups with special needs. She has education & many years of experience in health care and further trained to create opportunities for accessibility and equality regardless people's physiological and psychological conditions.

With Linda, we arrange exclusive mini-retreats with nature contact in Råkraft's beautiful natural environment.

Linda Rundqvist

Varberg, Sweden


French-speaking organization for nature & forest therapy guides

"En chemin vers" means "on the way to" and is a place for French-speaking nature & forest therapy guides where experience, competence, creativity gather. We work for the recognition of our new profession by authorities and society and to show a way that promotes a harmonious and sensitive relationship between people and nature.

International Organization, USA

ANFT is the first international training organization for nature & forest therapy guides in the world. It has developed its own philosophy and method for forest bathing and the role of the guide from Japanese Shinrin Yoku. ANFT has become a source of inspiration for many in recent years.

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