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Inspirational talks
Let speak about senses and nature!

Interactive seminar with sensory nature contact

  • Nature: by creating this word humans withdrew themselves from what builds the earth. They are no longer a part of it; nature has only become a source of exploitation for resources and pleasure. We consume nature and rarely give anything back.

  • Yet we are naturally connected to everything around us whether we like it or not. Our senses let us know all the time: we interact with the other whether it is human, animal, tree, wind, water or stone. We smell, see, taste, touch and hear what surrounds us.

  • This sensory connection makes us feel life and to feel alive.

  • Together we can remember that we are nature.

Life with sensory nature connection

SiN_469- Photo Cred Jonas Ingman.jpg

A seminar on the wonderful power of nature and how a visit in the forest can have positive effects on health and wellbeing. The lecture provides basic knowledge on Shinrin Yoku and Nature & Forest Therapy. Together we go through what happens during a forest bathing experience. You get tips and advice on how to open your senses to the nature around you and feel deep relaxation, wellbeing and an increased sense of belonging.


The length of the seminar can be adjusted according to your need

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