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Focus & Creativity


You are in the middle of a project at work or in private life, you want to do something but do not know even how to start, you want to feel more happiness and more energi! Welcome to nature!

During the forest bath we are going to let go all our thoughts and turn to our senses. What is around me just now? How does the forest sound? Do the trees feel all the same?

I am going to invite you to experience nature and use your senses in a creative way without effort or need to perform. You will do everything in the way that feels right to you and you will get what you need and have the possibility to take in at that moment. The rest happens itself, our brain takes in everything that happens during the forest bath without need for us to think about it: it is the spontaneous attention.

Back home or at work news ideas and thoughts will come without you knowing where they come from!

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