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Sense in nature offers experiences based on Shinrin Yoku with the aim of (re) creating the connection between humans and nature.

Sustainability for the environment and people is therefore an integral part of the entire business.

Hand and Leaf

  • In order to have as little environmental impact as possible, the principles of outdoor life ethics "Leave no trace" are also followed as close as possible.

  • Nature changes continuously depending on the weather and season. I always try to visit the place where I will guide the days before an activity. It allows me to adapt the route to nature in order to reduce damaging of the ground by avoiding paths that are too muddy, find places where we will be able to gather. I also investigate if there is any obvious risk for participants (branches that could fall, slippery stones…).

  • Information about recommended clothing and equipment is given to the participants in advance. I always have with me first aid kits.

  • Most activities take place in nature areas close to the city where participants can reach by public transport or bicycle. Information about this can be found on the website.

  • The number of participants is limited for all activities and the activities are offered on weekdays, all year round. This is to try to reach different populations and be out in nature when there are not already many people.

  • At the beginning of activities, participants are informed about the nature area and rules that apply. Activity takes place with respect for nature and all life: plants, wildlife, the ground, rocks but also other people who can be in the same area at the same time. We try to leave the place as we found it and I always bear with me what is needed to collect any garbage.

With this work, I wish to inform that nature is not just a place we can go and stay, but a place where many creatures live and where we humans are welcome.

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