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  • Price: 985 SEK 

  • Smaller group: min 4 pers - max 8 persons.

  • No prior knowledge needed.

  • Start 10:00 and back at the parking place app. 16:30.

  • Each person is responsible for his/her own food and water.

  • Tea and snacks will be available.

  • Shoes adapted to walk in the woods. Clothing according to the weather. Take a bit extra. We will go slowly and can stay at the same place long time. It is easy to feel cold faster than usual.

  • Take a sit matt with you (if you have one)

A full day forest bath

A deeper immersion in the forest

A whole day in the forest! You have maybe already tested a forest bath and would like to go one more step or you are curious about a new way to experience nature. Here we are going to stay several hours in the forest therefore we will have time to go further away from the meeting place and to interact with nature in different ways. Of course it will be forest bathing but also sit spot, communication in circle, creative activities and more..

A full day forest bath gives the opportunity to experience more our connection with nature, with the other people in the group and with ourselves.

There will be also time for exchange of experience, food and of course laugh!

We meet at the parking at the entrance of Änggårdsbergens in Eklanda, Mölndal.

Address: Västra Eklanda Höjd, Mölndal

Bus 751 - Stop: Eklanda skog

Next occasion:​​

  • on demand

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