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It takes time and that's good!

I sometimes get the following question:

- "How long does a forest bath take?"

- "An ordinary forest bath that I guide takes between 2 to 3 hours"

- "Could you do it in max one hour?"

Do you recognize this? Oh! This activity seems good and interesting, but I do not have time.

Let's pause for a moment here.

What is it about us humans that makes us often unable to prioritize what is (or at least seems to be) good for ourselves? Because it takes time!

I myself can make a long list of good explanations that include jobs, economy, studies, family life and everything connected to it. I think we all have almost the same list.

It must be done and it must go as fast as possible. We are still talking about effectivity as something to reduce as much as possible the time needed to achieve a result. There are few examples of "resistance movements" such as "slow cooking" but otherwise it is fast, fast, fast.

Has time lost its value? I am thinking of the expression "time is money". It is often said that it costs money if it takes time. Can we turn it around and think that we will benefit if it takes time?

Because life takes time. You do not grow up in five minutes. A forest does not grow overnight (although we try to call the fast-growing plantations forest). How does it feel when we have spent hours and hours doing something? Anything, cooking dinner for family and friends, building a piece of furniture, sewing clothes? Is it the same feeling when we eat the tomatoes we bought or the ones we have grown at the back of the house or in a pot on the balcony? The ones we have seen week after week grow and develop, from a small plant to a large plant, from flowers to tomato fruits? It took time for these tomatoes before they ended up on the plate, but how good they taste, right? Is it just the taste that makes a difference?

Back to the forest bath. Yes, it takes time. Because it takes time to feel the flow of life. And it's okay and it's so good!

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