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That's why I guide forest baths: love, future and freedom

Some days ago I was reminded of Simon Sinek's theory: "the golden circle". Simon Sinek is an American author and speaker. The first time I heard about it was in 2019 after I started Sense in Nature. I was at a dinner with a friend who had started his own company a year earlier. "People do not care about what you do or how you do it, they care about why you do what you do the way you do it" said my friend. What Simon Sinek says is that we should always start with "Why", tell why we do something and then comes "How" and "What". I know there are criticisms of this theory (as for every theory) and this one does not carry the absolute truth, but at this moment the feeling was: right to the point! It felt like the right question.

I have thought a lot about this: why one day in 2019 I decided to stop being an employee and started my own company to guide people in the forest? Deep inside, I know it's right, but when I look at what's on my website today or on my instagram account, when I hear what I say to explain what I do, nowhere I really tell why I was guide forest baths. I talk about "What", health, wellbeing, sustainability, I describe "How", theory, science. I tell about the results and tools to achieve them. But why do I guide forest baths, why did I choose this tool?

To answer this question honestly and not talk about results again, I have to go deep inside and reach my own needs and values, which always feels both scary and very personal.

Without going into the details of my inner journey, I came to the realization that all this has to do with love. I love "my" planet and life. I deeply believe that forest bathing as I learned to guide it and experience it is my way of contributing to life on earth. I do this because forest baths create a place in time and space where we can find and be our real selves. I do this because forest baths provide an opportunity to revive the bond between mankind and all other beings and that I see this bond as essential to be able to change the paradigm that drives our societies. I guide forest baths because we need to feel the flow of life from inside and outside and feel that we share it with everything.

I do it because forest bathing is about love, future and freedom..

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