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Private Forest Bathing

With family, relatives, friends, in couple or alone...

Closed group

Forest bathing can be arranged for private persons (family, friends...) and adapted to wishes and needs for special occasions.

It can be a gift to celebrate a birthday or a way to spend quality time with your loved ones in nature. 

The forest bath can be more playful or more contemplative, whatever your thoughts or ideas, we will create the best experience that suits your group.​​​

2 to 6 hours

Number of participants: up to 15 pers / guide

Location: determined at time of booking.

Pricedepends on location, number of participants and preparation needs. Minimum price 3000 kr up to 6 pers. (2 h, low preparation needs).

How does it go?

  • Contact via e-mail or telephone. Agreement on date, time, number of participants, location and price. 

  • Activity always includes:

- Walk from the meeting place to the nature area and back

- Introduction to forest bathing

- Nature contact through guided sensory experiences

- Sharing time 

- The session ends with a tea ceremony

Closed group

1-to-1 with the guide

In this case the forest bathing experience is designed to your needs. It can focus on special aspects that you wish to explore

Det kan rikta sig mot särskilda aspekter som du vill fokusera på. 

  • Relaxation, recovery

  • New inspiration, news ideas

  • Help with a specific question

It is possible to create a personal program with several forest bathing sessions.

One or several sessions (1 to 2 h)

Place: determined at time of booking.

Price: depends on location and preparation needs.

Minimum price 1200 kr for one session

Hur går det till?

  • Contact via e-mail or telephone. We will clearly define your needs and purpose of the forest bathing experience. The program should be tailored to you and not the other way around!

  • Agreement on the program layout: number of sessions, date, time, place and price.

  • Each session will follow a sequence of guided sensory "exercises" where we open our senses to nature. Concretely, I will give you the opportunity to do different things in nature linked to the defined program purpose. There will be moments to share what we experience. ​​

  • Each session will end with a tea ceremony.

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