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Sensory Team Building
Let life into your activity!

Guided sensory experiences in nature for working groups

  • Nature is a neutral environment where everyone is equal regardless of their work in the organisation. Cohesion, harmony and collective intelligence are promoted here.

  •  Guided sensory experience in nature can focus on different aspects and need of working groups

    • Communication

    • Conflict management

    • Community

    • Commitment

    • Creativity

    • Problem solving

  • There is a lot of talk and writing about effective meetings, development talks, projects with clear goals, responsibilities, agenda, etc. Here it is thought often only with a focus on the business, which is logical, you are at work don't you?

  • But what about those who do the work, the people? 

  • At work we use a lot of our cognitive intelligence and rarely  our sensory and  emotional intelligence. Yet it is through our senses that we experience our environment and the others.

  • It is through our senses that we feel life around us and feel us alive and involved.

  • Sensory guiding in nature will give you the following benefits

    • wider perspective

    • committed coworkers

    • understanding for the others

    • new life in the group.

To think outside the box, go out, literally!

The meaning of life is to be alive . It's so plain and so obvious and yet everybody rushes around in a great panic as it was necessary to achieve something beyond themselves ”. Allan Watts

Forest bathing, cohesion, harmony, creativity, meeting
Team building program

 Light touch

2 to 3 hours

Number of participants: upp till 15 pers / guide

Location: determined at time of booking

Price: depends on location, number of participants and preparation needs.

Minimum price 4000 SEK (excl. VAT) up to 6 pers.

SiN_407- Photo Cred Jonas Ingman.jpg

How does it go?

  • Contact by e-mail or telephone. Agreement on date, time, number of participants, location and price.

  • Activity always includes:

- Walk from the meeting place to the nature area and back

- Introduction to forest baths

- Guided exercises with nature contact through the senses

- Sharing time 

- Closing with tea ceremony

A fun and relaxing activity with nature contact that suits everyone! 

Perfect for an afterwork or a celebration together.

Skogens visdom program

In this program the activities are adapted to the group needs.

Sessions designed according to the specific aspects that you want to focus on.

  • New inspiration, new ideas for an innovation or development project.

  • Help with prioritising activities in the group.

  • Reorganisation, new recruitment, conflict in the group, start of a new project.

  • Define common views, purpose or values ​​for the group.

Creativity & focus

  • fantasy

  • collective intelligence

  • intuition

  • inspiration from nature

  • collective creation

Cohesion & harmony

  • communication 

  • active listening

  • empathy

  • understanding for the other

  • community


How does it go?

  • At a first meeting (digital or physical), we will clearly define the group needs and purpose of the program. The program should be adapted to the group and not the opposite!

  • Agreement on program layout: number of sessions & participants, date, time, location and price. It can be a program with several sessions for several weeks or a half or full day program.

  • I use tools based on forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku) and nature & forest therapy.

  • Each session will follow a sequence of guided "exercises" where we open our minds to nature. Concretely, I will give the opportunity to do different things in nature linked to the defined program purpose. There will be time to share what we experience.

  • Each session ends with a tea ceremony.

One or several sessions (min 3 timmar)

Number of participants : up to 15 pers / guide

Location: determined at time of booking

Price: depends on number of sessions & participants, location and preparation needs.

Minimum price 6000 SEK (excl. VAT) / one session up to 6 pers.

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