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Find a spot in nature, sit there and be. Some minutes, several hours, you choose. Sit spot is a practice that can open a door to yourself  by experiencing what is around you: the smallest like the biggest, the visible and the invisible. A short sit spot is often included during forest bathing. Here, by coming to your sit spot day after day, week after week, you will learn to know one place through your senses without trying to interpret eller judge what you are experiencing. Just to be. But is it really "just"?

After this course you will have tools to carry on sit spot by yourself. Maybe you will get answers to something you were looking for or you will discover a new way that you never noticed before. 

I am offering a sit spot course for beginners. We will meet 4 times during a period of 3 weeks:

 - Once at the beginning, I will guide you in the meaning of sit spot with more details, answer your questions... we will also speak about sharing in circle and set our intention. 

- Then we will meet 3 more times. On each occasions you will get advices and tips to help you to progress in your experience week after week. Each person will also have the possibility to express his/her experience from the passed week. Here we will use communication in circle. It will also be time for casual exchanges and see how our stories connect with each others little by little.

- In between each meeting it is up to you: how often, how long you want to be at your sit spot. How much you want to express the things you are experiencing by writing, drawing, painting, gathering natural objects...

Sit spot for beginners

Find your place in Nature


We meet at the main entrance of Botaniska trädgården

Address: Carl Skottsbergs gata 22A, Göteborg

Tram 1, 2, 7, 8, och 13 - Stop: Botaniska trädgården

Date & time    Fall  2022

  • Meeting 1:     22/8 - kl. 17:30   

  • Meeting 2:    29/8 - kl. 17:30

  • Meeting 3:      5/9 - kl. 17:30

  • Meeting 4:    12/9 - kl. 17:30

  • ​Smaller group: max 8 persons.

  • No prior knowledge needed.

  • Each meeting take place outside and will last app. 2 hours.

  • Tea and snacks will be available.

  • Shoes adapted to walk outside. Clothing according to the weather. Take a bit extra. We will mainly stay at the same place. It is then easy to feel cold faster than usual.

  • Take a sit matt with you (if you have one)

Sitting on Rock


1295 SEK - (4 times)

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