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Forest bathing with Pilates

Group training in movement with friends, family... and nature where the body, our senses and emotions are in balance

Imagine the most original of trees: a pine. In order not to fall over because of the wind, it has a powerful core and a foundation of roots that keeps it in place and proudly upright.
We humans have the same ability to move the body, lift, carry and spin around without falling over. Our support is our core.
Every movement we make is preceded by an activity in a "belt" of muscles in the abdomen, lumbar spine and pelvic floor. We are stable

when all movements start from the center. This practice is called Powerhouse and train these muscles in Pilates for the best stability, balance, mobility, posture and strength.

When we practice Pilates in the forest, we do it in the middle of our origin - nature - where the body, our senses and emotions are balanced.

2 to 3 hours

Leader: Laurence & Mikael

Number of participants: up to 15 pers

No previous knowledge needed

Location: determined at time of booking.

Pricedepends on location, number of participants and preparation needs.

Minimum price 5000 kr up to 6 pers.

How does it go?

  • Contact via e-mail or telephone. Agreement on date, time, number of participants, location and price. 

  • Activity always includes:

- Walk from the meeting place to the nature area and back

- Introduction to forest bathing

- Nature contact through guided sensory experiences and pilates exercices

- Sharing time 

- The session ends with a tea ceremony

A sensory experience with training

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