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Forest bathing

Forest Trees
Stained Tree

During a forest bath we walk no more than 2 km at a very slow pace.  A typical forest bath takes between 2 to 3 hours. The walk can take place in the forest, a park or any natural setting.

For eveybody

Forest bathing is an experience for everyone. It can be adapted to any age or physical condition.

Open senses

During a forest bath, the guide invites participants to open their senses with the help of nature around. This takes place in an easy and creative way. We use smell, hearing, touch, taste and sight but also additional senses that are brought out during a forest bath.

Personal journey

Each person is unique and will experience a common forest bath in his/her own way. Two different forest baths can also be experienced totally differently by the same person. Each forest bath is a personal physical and sensual journey.

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