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Natural wellness & health
Let the senses take place!

Guided outdoor sensory experiences for healthy and happy coworker

  • Nature promotes human well-being and health with positive physiological, cognitive, psychological and social effects.

  • Guided multi-sensory experiences in nature provide tools for dealing with the health challenge that many organisations face today:

    • Promotion of physical health 

    • Promotion of mental health

    • Burnout prevention

    • Stress management

  • The World Health Organisation defined stress as the "health epidemic of the 21st century". Yet stress or more precisely our response to stress is crucial to our survival and life.

  • Stress is not always the problem in itself, the lack of time and tools for stress recovery is often the real problem.

  • Stress activates our sympathetic nervous system: the body produces adrenaline and noradrenaline, heart rate and blood pressure increase so that we can fight and / or escape from a physical or psychological danger. 

  • It is important that the body recovers from this reaction and activates our parasympathetic nervous system: dopamine and serotonin are produced, hormones linked to joy, focus, calm and feelings of rewards and motivation.

Forets bathing, organisation, team building, work group

"Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are."  Gretel Ehrlich

Nature is a place of full presence and sensory experiences promoting activation of our parasympathetic nervous system.

Sensory guiding facilitates and strengthens these effects and gives a new dimension to nature contact.

wellness program

Forest bathing program

minimum of 3 sessions of 2 hours

Number of participants: up to 15 pers / guide

Location: determined at time of booking

Price: depends on number of sessions & participants, preparation needs.

Minimum price 12000 SEK (excl. VAT) up to 6 pers.

Kundalini Yoga Outside

A group program where we learn to feel nature contact through our senses and to be present in the moment. The activities offered are adapted to everyone, regardless of age and fitness level.

How does it go?

  • At a first meeting (digital or physical) we will clearly define group needs. The program should be adapted to the group and not the opposite!

  • Agreement on program layout: number of sessions and participants, date, time, location and price.

  • I use tools based on forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku) and nature & forest therapy.

  • Each session will follow a sequence of guided "exercises" where we open our senses to nature. Concretely, I will give the opportunity to do different things in nature linked to the defined program purpose. There will be times to share what we experience.

  • Each session ends with a tea ceremony.


  • being fully present

  • nature contact through senses 

  • listen to the body

  • let go

  • open up to the other

  • tools for sensory micro-pause

Program principles

  • here & now

  • sensory experience

  • omnipartiality

  • non judgemental

  • no obligation or performance

Sit spot program

4 sessions of 2 hours - 4 weeks program

Number of participants: upp till 15 pers / guide

Location: determined at time of booking- can be close to the organisation offices, even possibility to be inside. 

Price: depends on location, number of participants and preparation needs.

Minimum price 16000 SEK (excl. VAT) up to 6 pers.

Sitting on Rock

How does it go?

  • Digital or physical meeting for agreement on program layout, number of participants, date, time, location and price. 

  • The program begins with a group session: introduction about sit spot, sensory exercises, diary, questions & answers.

  •  Then we meet three more times (once a week): sharing experiences during the past week, advices and tools for developing experience week after week. ​

  • Between each group session, it is up to each participant: how often and for how long each person wants to be at their sit spot. How much each wants to express his/her experience by writing, drawing, painting, collecting objects…

  • Group sessions are preferably held outdoors. They always start with a sensory exercise of full presence and end with a tea ceremony.

A program where each participant learns individually to find their place in nature where they can return for relaxation and recovery.

During 4 group sessions, participants receive advices and tips to develop their multi-sensory and emotional contact with their place. Everyone gets the opportunity to share his/her experience and listen to the others. It will be a time for community and see how our histories connect to each other. 


  • being fully present

  • find sin naturlig place

  • listen to the body

  • let go

  • open up to the other

  • sensory communication

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